Owl Moon is based on an activity that could be a true story, but it is fictional because the characters are created by the author. 

If you are excited about owls and want to learn a little more about their natural history, I received a non-fiction book for Christmas that I recommend.  Some have mentioned that it is a children’s book, but I believe it is geared more for adults. The format looks much like a picture book and has illustrations that would appeal to a child.  This format may have misled some to think it is a children’s book.  

The book Twelve Owls, by Laura Erickson, has a Minnesota slant since the author lives there, but she works for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and has 35 years of bird experience and refers to other states often in the text. 

She has also published a book called Sharing the Wonders of Birds With Kids.  Both these books are published by the University of Minnesota Press.

I also recommend a children’s bird book series by Adele Porter, published by Adventure Publications. My copy, of course, is Wild About Minnesota Birds:  A Youth’s Guide to the Birds of Minnesota.  This guide contains beautiful photos and intriguing text.  It is more than just a typical field guide.  Others in the series are about Michigan, Wisconsin and Northeastern birds.

Birds are often common in every habitat no matter where you look and are the perfect subject to use to get kids excited about nature and caring about the environment.  This is why I’m happy to pass along some good reads to spark interest in birds and the outdoors.


Do you have any favorite bird books?  My first field guide was North American Birds Golden Guide. 

What was your very first bird book?

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